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Artificial intelligence – AI-Lab

Graphic illustration of a human brain made of lines and dots. Illustration.

The rapid pace of progress in AI presents both complex challenges and exciting opportunities. Seizing the opportunities and managing the drawbacks will require expertise from many different areas within and beyond academia.

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionised areas such as self-driving cars, medical diagnostics, digital home assistants and faster search engines. These advances have changed our daily lives and paved the way for new innovations. But like all powerful technologies, AI has its drawbacks. So-called “deepfakes” – convincingly doctored images and videos, and the creation of fake electronic accounts, pose a serious threat to the rule of law and democracy.

AI Lab aims to contribute to a constructive future with AI

To address these challenges and actively contribute to the advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning, AI Lab welcomes collaboration with stakeholders from research, business and the public sector. AI Lab not only advocates collaboration between Lund University and wider society, it is also a place where innovation and interdisciplinary research meet, both from within the University and beyond.

AI Lab has the following aims:

  • Provide a long-term platform for innovation collaboration between the research community, business and the public sector.
  • Establish more commissioned education.
  • Arrange more workshops and seminars for the public.
  • Establish an interdisciplinary graduate school.

AI Lab works to enable researchers and society at large to contribute to a positive future for artificial intelligence that benefits society as a whole.

Contact information

Kalle Åström
Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Engineering (LTH)
Phone: +46(0) 46 222 45 48
karl [dot] astrom [at] math [dot] lth [dot] se (karl[dot]astrom[at]math[dot]lth[dot]se)


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