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Digital and interactive concert hall

A thematic collaborative initiative at Lund University

The concert hall at Malmö Live. Photo: Carl Jonsson.

Experience Beethoven's Fifth as if you were in a concert hall – or perhaps even better. Researchers and partner companies and organisations are developing a new generation of digital live events using AI and other new technologies.

A visit to a digital concert hall that allows you to choose the camera angle and sound design, whether to zoom in and out or to raise the volume on a particular instrument. These are some of the goals that Lund University's Digital Interactive Concert Hall project (LUDICH) strives for as it develops the cultural experiences of the future.

Live events with interactive streaming

Within the framework of LUDICH, experts from different disciplines at Lund University, as well as partner businesses and organisations, will use existing and develop new technologies, such as AI and machine learning, to explore new ways of democratising culture, making it more accessible, interactive and personalised.

LUDICH aims to develop a unique digital concert hall with interactive streaming services and digital formats that give audiences more choices and possibilities to co-create content. Visitors will be able to use their creative freedom to craft their own experience.

It should also be possible to share this experience with others. This will enable the mentioned democratisation of culture, making it available to more people in ways that suit them, rather than as in the current 'one size fits all' pre-produced formats.

Malmö Live as a living lab

LUDICH has partnered with the Malmö Live concert hall and is using it as a “living lab”. A large number of cameras and microphones will be set up around the hall, making it possible to produce events in new, previously unimagined ways.

In addition to developing new technical solutions and artistic formats, the project will focus on legal issues relating to copyright, work environment and privacy. It will also explore opportunities for commercialisation through new business models and payment methods, as well as new ways of organising open innovation and co-creation processes where aesthetics and economy merge.

Contact information

Jesper Larsson
Project manager
jesper [dot] larsson [at] kanslik [dot] lu [dot] se (jesper[dot]larsson[at]kanslik[dot]lu[dot]se)