Student associations

By students, for students

Lund University has a wide range of student associations. They are run by students, for students and they revolve around music, drama, 'spex' student theatre, politics, religion and much more.

A UPF event with a panel discussion

How to get involved

The associations often have information evenings and kick-off meetings at the start of the autumn and spring semesters. If it is your first semester in Lund, you can meet a number of the societies at the student associations' fair (called Hälsningsgillet in Swedish) which is held at the AF building at the start of each semester. Some of the societies are affiliated to the Academic Society (AF) that organises a number of cultural activities for students.

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List of student associations

Below you find a list of most of the student associations in Lund and the links to their websites or Facebook pages. There are also a number of societies that are not specifically aimed at students.

Art, film and dance

Newspapers and radio


Drama and 'spex' comedy theatre


Information on other religious bodies in Lund

Society and politics


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