What Jordan says about the Master's in Management

To Management - Master's Programme (One Year)
Jordan Stilley

About Jordan

“I have a background in Aerospace Engineering and have several years of work experience. However, I began to realise that while engineering school prepared me well for the technical aspects of work, it did little to prepare for many parts of the job, such as teamwork, effective communication, making difficult decisions and interacting with customers and suppliers. I also learned that I really enjoy interacting with and helping the people I work with, and that I would like to work in management someday. When I saw the description of the Master’s in Management, it really resonated with what I saw lacking in my previous education and what I would need to prepare me for my future career goals.”


Stephanie Ambjörnsson Schröderheim

"The programme has students from all over the world"

Stephanie from USA/Sweden