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Baby blue tits with mouths open in nest (Photo by Johan Nilsson)
16 May 2018
For decades, researchers have thought that access to food determined the brood size of birds. Now, biologists at Lund University in Sweden have...
Malin Parmar (Photo by Kennet Ruona)
16 May 2018
One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Novo Nordisk, are starting a new stem cell program for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease in...
Elia Psouni
15 May 2018
For human beings to function socially, they need to be able to perceive, understand, and talk about others’ mental states, such as beliefs, desires...
Bulldozer on a sandy surface, as new sand filters are installed at Ringsjöverket in southern Sweden (Photo: Sandy Chan)
14 May 2018
Sustainable, biological filters called slow sand filters have been used to filter drinking water since the 1800s. They don’t use any chemicals,...
Agricultural landscape in Uganda
4 May 2018
Agroecology is a better alternative than large-scale agriculture, both for the climate and for small farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to...
Ivanna Read with a view of rooftops in the background
3 May 2018
Meet Ivanna Read: the Master's student in Strategic Communication who is putting Lund University on the map as a blogger on In...
An illustration of the satellite Gaia in space.
2 May 2018
The most comprehensive star catalogue in the history of astronomy has been released, mapping out an impressive 1.7 billion stars. The catalogue is...
The blue-tailed damselfly (Ischnura elegans) in mating formation. Photo: Rachael Dudaniec
30 April 2018
How are insects responding to rapid climate change? Damselflies are evolving rapidly as they expand their range in response to a warming climate,...
Close-up photo of a bee
27 April 2018
The European Union will ban the world’s most widely used insecticides from all fields due to the serious danger they pose to bees.
Image: Lund University
19 April 2018
Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Umeå are to become test cities in a new national sharing economy programme. “The cities of the future are facing...