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Gabriel Norevik with a nightjar (Photo: Aron Hejdström)

The moon determines when migratory birds head south

16 October 2019
A new study from Lund University in Sweden shows that the presence or absence of moonlight has a considerable bearing on when migratory birds take...
Photo: Inger Ekström

What does the future of plastic look like?

14 October 2019
Plastic waste is a growing problem around the world, despite efforts to recycle or reduce plastic use. In order to really transform the recycling...
177Lutetium-DOTATATE one day after injection (coloured area), overlaid on an x-ray image (grey scale).

Researchers from Lund receive prize for publication of the year

10 October 2019
Lund researchers Anna Sundlöv and Katarina Sjögreen-Gleisner have developed a method to personalise treatment using a newly approved radioactive...
Rapid particles in an explanatory light: When electrons are no longer fixed to the atomic shell and can move freely, their wave form can be changed using laser light

Intriguing discovery provides new insights into photoelectric effect

1 October 2019
The discovery that free electrons can move asymmetrically provides a deeper understanding of one of the basic processes in physics: the photoelectric...
Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman and Yahia Al-Jebari (Photo: Tove Gilvad)

Link between assisted reproduction and risk for prostate cancer

26 September 2019
In a new national register study from Lund University in Sweden, researchers have studied the link between prostate cancer and infertility. The study...
(Photo: Mostphotos)

Aerosols from coniferous forests no longer cool the climate as much

25 September 2019
Emissions of greenhouse gases have a warming effect on the climate, whereas small airborne particles in the atmosphere, aerosols, act as a cooling...
The Fernström Prize winner Søren Brunak started working with bioinformatics and machine learning in the mid-1980s. (Photo: Henrik Sørensen)

Prestigious prize goes to pioneer of bioinformatics

23 September 2019
Professor Søren Brunak from Copenhagen has been awarded the grand Nordic Prize for 2019 by the Eric K. Fernström Foundation. It is one of the largest...
Photo: Mostphotos

Fewer lymph node operations for breast cancer patients with new prediction models

20 September 2019
In recently published studies, researchers at Lund University and Skåne University Hospital in Sweden have produced new prediction models for...
Illustration of asteroid breaking up

Gigantic asteroid collision boosted biodiversity on Earth

18 September 2019
An international study led by researchers from Lund University in Sweden has found that a collision in the asteroid belt 470 million years ago...
Johan Malmström

Lund’s Fernström Prize for research on the interaction of proteins

16 September 2019
This year’s Fernström Prize for young, particularly promising and successful researchers at Lund University is awarded to Professor Johan Malmström....