Professional development and career options

To us at Lund University, it is important to be able to offer you professional development from day one of your employment. Career opportunities are numerous and varied within the University and academia at large, but also outside of academia.


The introduction you receive at your new workplace is the most important step in terms of getting a good start as a new employee at Lund University. However, to us, there is much more to onboarding than just getting the practical matters sorted. We urge you to find out what Lund University is all about by moving beyond your own lab, office, or corridor. Working at Lund University for example entails knowing what's happening next door, attending guest lectures at other faculties and reading up on the University's news. Working life becomes easier and more enjoyable this way.   

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Professional development

Management and leadership development

According to the University's vision and core values, responsible leadership is a key factor in helping the University evolve in times of change. In order to ensure that our managers and team leaders have the required skills, we offer several management training courses that all have a different focus depending on whether you are just curious about management, new in your role as a manager, or (much) more experienced.  

Internal training courses

As a Lund University employee, you can apply for most of the internal and university-specific courses that are offered as part of the staff training. Over one thousand participants participate in these courses each year. The courses are usually intended for specific groups of employees, but some of the courses are of a more general nature and focus on areas such as project- or process management.

Swedish for university staff – SFU

Learning the Swedish language will be highly beneficial to you both in your personal and your professional life in Sweden. We therefore offer Swedish language courses to our international employees. There are courses for beginners as well as for intermediate and advanced learners. 

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International exchanges for staff

International exchanges provide new, valuable perspectives and often lay the foundation for long-term collaborations around the world. An exchange is valuable for your personal and professional development as well as for the development of the University. Staff exchange scholarships are available for different types of staff.

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Training for higher education teaching staff

Lund University's Division for Higher Education Development (AHU) has as its main objective to support academic development at the University by offering pedagogical courses to academic teachers and doctoral students and by contributing to the educational development of courses and programmes. Moreover, AHU conducts research on topics relevant to the development of higher education and it also supports the development of e-learning.  

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Career options

On top of the above-mentioned opportunities for professional development, we also offer training specifically for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers as well as tenure-track positions.  

Training for PhD students: Career Control for Researchers

Lund University offers PhD students in all disciplines the opportunity to participate in a training course that deals with how to create an individual career plan and that provides concrete tools for putting this plan into action. The course is offered in English and is free of charge. 

Read more about the Career Control for Researchers course here (external webpage)

Training for postdoctoral employees: PostDoc Career Success

Junior researchers in all disciplines, especially recently appointed postdocs, are welcome to participate in the online PostDoc Career Success programme. This programme provides you with practical knowledge and effective tools that can be applied directly in your everyday work. It is offered in English and is free of charge.   

Read more about the PostDoc Career Success programme here (external webpage) 

Career development position as associate senior lecturer

Lund University has a tenure-track position entitled "Associate Senior Lecturer". When you hold this position, you have the right to be assessed for promotion to a permanent position as a senior lecturer.

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