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LU access card

Students at Lund University can get a personal access card, known as the LU Card. The card is free and getting one is quick and easy.

The LU Card has several functions. You can use the card:

  • as an ID card within Lund University
  • to access the buildings relevant to your studies, and
  • to borrow books at all university libraries.

In a number of places at the University, the card is also used for printing, copying and attendance registration.

Where to get your LU Card

To get your LU Card, visit one of the card offices at the University. Remember to bring your photo ID!

On the LU Card website, you can find information about opening hours and where the card stations are located. You will also find more information about how to use the card and what you can do if you forget the code or lose the card itself.

About the LU card on the LU Card website

Please note that the LU Card is not a student discount card!

Other student cards

Studentlund and Studentkortet (the student discount card)

When you join Studentlund, you get 'Studentkortet' that functions both as an ID-card/membership card (when you attend student events at the student unions and nations) and as a student discount card. The card (+ your regular ID card) gives you access to discounts at certain cafés, restaurants and on travels as well as services and products in shops and online.

Contact information

For questions, please contact
servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se