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When Leaving Lund University

We sincerely hope that you've had a rewarding and enjoyable time at Lund University. We know there's a lot to consider, whether you're staying in Sweden or leaving, so we've put together some guidelines for you here.

Guidelines and tips for all students

Whether you are a degree student, an exchange student or just taking courses, here are some things to consider.

Apply for a degree certificate (degree students)

If you have successfully completed a Bachelor's or Master's degree at Lund University, you can apply for a degree certificate. 

How to apply for a degree certificate

Get a transcript of records (exchange and course students)

If you have been an exchange student at Lund University, or if you have taken individual courses, you can get a transcript of records after you have completed your courses.

How to get a transcript of records

Prepare your accommodation for the handover, arrange an inspection and return the keys. Remember that the final cleaning of a room must be thorough and will always take more time than you expect.

See here for guidelines:

AF Bostäder tenants: Move out –

LU Accommodation tenants: Moving out –

Join the Alumni Network

We want to keep in touch with you. The Alumni Network is a free professional and social network for everyone who has studied at Lund University. Over 46,000 alumni around the world have joined the network, which is a great resource for career development, making new contacts and staying in touch with old friends and classmates.

How to join and the benefits of being member of the Alumni Network

Follow Lund University on social media

We have LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, X and YouTube accounts to keep you up to date with what is happening at Lund University.

Lund University on social media

Bring an LU keepsake

Would you like to take home some nice LU merchandise and still have room in your suitcase? Stop by the Lund University Shop at Sparta and pick up a hoodie, bag, umbrella, mug or anything else that will remind you of your time at Lund. You can also order products from the online shop or buy items from retailers. 

Lund University Shop

If you are leaving Sweden

If you are moving abroad after studying here, follow the advice below.

If you registered with the Swedish Tax Agency when you arrived in Sweden and you plan to leave Sweden for a year or more, you must inform them.

You can re-register if you decide to return to Sweden at a later date. You will then continue to use your current personal identity number.

Moving from Sweden – Swedish Tax Agency website

If you have a Swedish bank account, don't forget to close it before you leave Sweden. It can be difficult to do this from another country and it could mean a lot of extra work for both you and your bank.

You may not want to or be able to take some of your belongings home with you.

Local Facebook groups can be a way to find new owners for some of your possessions, whether you want to sell them or donate them.

Sell your bike or books

The campus bookstore, Campusbokhandeln, can help you sell your old course books. 

Lundaböcker can help you sell your used bicycle, books and even mobile phones.

About Campusbokhandeln on their website (in Swedish)

Donate miscellaneous items

You can donate items to charity. Find second-hand shops in Lund, Malmö or Helsingborg on Google Maps.

Recycle what's left over

If there are things you don't want to take with you and can't donate or sell, make sure you put them in the right recycling bin. The environment will thank you!

If you are staying in Sweden

The information below applies if you are planning to stay in Sweden but don't yet have a Swedish personal identity number ('personnummer'). 

It is important to be aware that your student insurance – FAS+ or Student IN – expires two weeks after you finish your studies. Whether you are a non-EU/EEA student or an EU/EEA student, you need to consider the following regarding insurance and residence permits for your continued stay in Sweden.

Note that failure to follow the guidelines below can cause serious problems.

If you are a non-EU/EEA student and plan to stay in Sweden after completing your studies, there are some important things to consider.

You must make sure that you have all the necessary insurance and a valid residence permit for your continued stay.

Non-EU/EEA citizens who have just graduated from Lund University may be able to apply for an 'after studies' permit through the Swedish Migration Agency.

If you have applied for this permit but do not yet have a Swedish personal identity number, it is important that you take out private health insurance. This is in case you need medical treatment before you have received your permit and your personal identity number.

Residence permit for looking for work after studies – Swedish Migration Agency website

Medical insurance for current students

If you are an EU/EEA citizen without a Swedish personal identity number and without a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your home country, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient health insurance after you have finished your studies.

As an EU/EEA citizen, you have the right to work, study or live in Sweden without a residence permit as long as you can support yourself. This is called the right of residence.

Work, study or live in Sweden for EU/​EEA citi­zens – Swedish Migration Agency website

Medical insurance for current students