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Lund University climbs even higher in Financial Times ranking

(Photo montage: Logo by Financial Times, photo by Charlotte Carlberg Bärg.)
(Photo montage: Logo by Financial Times, photo by Charlotte Carlberg Bärg.)

Lund University School of Economics and Management has done it again! The school has been ranked #44 in the world in the Financial Times' prestigious annual ranking of 100 Master’s programmes in Management. This marks a climb of 13 spots compared with last year.

Lund University's Master’s programme in International Strategic Management has seen a steady rise in the ranking; in 2022 the programme climbed from #77 to #57, continuing on to #44 in 2023.

"This is of course both very honorable for Lund University, and the programme and a clear confirmation that we together with our motivated and driven students create added value. It is also a proof that the programme's profile towards an integrated approach on ESG and strategic management both bears fruit and creates interest in the programme," says programme director Ulf Ramberg.

Ulf can not stress enough how important the students are to the programme and its success:

"The experiences, knowledge, and capabilities that the programme's students bring with them into the programme are of course of decisive importance, just as the mix of students. This year we have students with 20 different nationalities. The students are undeniably the programme's most valuable resource," Ulf explains.

Students at a table with a laptop
Photo: Johan Persson

He continues:

"LUSEM's emphasis on students having both in-depth conceptual knowledge and the ability to apply it in real live business cases is also very central."

Ulf says that there are many interacting aspects on why the students are so pleased with this MSc programme. Even though the programme is both intense and demanding, Ulf sees an ever-increasing level among the students.

"The fact that we managed to create relevant content in less than half the programme time compared to many of our competitors is undeniably important. Our students need to walk an extra mile, or two, to pass but when they step up, their learning undeniably increases which of course challenge us teachers to constantly be at the forefront."

Students in class
Photo: Louise Larsson


"It is a clearly thought-out programme that addresses the issues of our time, for example sustainability or artificial intelligence and their impact on the future of management."

Tim Warzawa, Germany. Current student at the Master’s programme in International Strategic Management 2023/24.

What the students say:

Marc Leon Willemsen from Germany who studied the programme at LUSEM in 2020/21, says that he applied for the programme for two reasons; the very good reputation (through the Financial Times ranking), and the exchange with former graduates. These graduates actively recommended Lund, due to the format, content and learning approach; a combination of individual and group work.

What was good about the programme, Marc?

"The programme was good in many ways. On the one hand, being very well prepared within one year for jobs in the consulting industry or even strategic corporate jobs. On the other hand, to live the cultural aspects and to implement them in work. Especially the interpersonal aspects, which are incredibly important later on in the job, are exactly where Lund sets a unique advantage and promotes the experience immensely."

What do you do today?

"After my master's degree, I joined Porsche Consulting as a strategy consultant in the life sciences team. Since then I am a proud consultant and love what I do."

Soroor Mansouryar came from Iran to study the bachelor in International Business at LUSEM. She says that the standards at LUSEM "in terms of teaching methods, materials and its ambitious environment exceeded my expectations". When looking into the content of the Master’s programme in International Strategic Management she found it both broad and specialized at the same time. The perspective it offered in strategy, encouraged her to apply for the programme and to continue her studies at LUSEM for another year in 2022/23.

What was good about the programme, Soroor?

"I think what is particularly good about the programme is, first, its diversity of the material and courses. We started by getting a broad understanding of what strategy is and later dove deeper into it from a sustainability perspective, digital and even organizational point of view. 

Second, I appreciated how almost all our professors added their experiences from the industry into the programme, offering us more practical knowledge and complementing the theories. 

And lastly, I can’t emphasize enough how the diversity of the programme, in terms of nationality and academic background, enriched our experience even further."

What do you do today?

"After my master’s, I got offered a spot at the graduate program at Ernst & Young (EY) so I am currently working as a management consultant. I must add that even though I have just started my job, it’s amazing how many times I have come across cases we have already touched upon in the programme."

Tim Warzawa from Germany is a current student at the Master’s programme in International Strategic Management 2023/24. He says that the programme has unique objectives:

"The programme is unique as it aims to educate students towards reflective decision makers by not only studying theories but also applying them in cases, company workshops and scenarios discussed in class. It is a clearly thought-out programme that addresses the issues of our time, for example sustainability or artificial intelligence and their impact on the future of management."

Why did you apply for the programme?

"I applied to this programme because of its strategic focus, its international orientation as well as it’s strong reputation."

About the ranking:

The FT ranking of Master’s programmes in Management is open to master's programmes worldwide in the management field. The ranking is based on relative performance on a range of factors provided by schools and their alumni three years after they completed their studies, including graduate salaries, whether they achieved their study aims, and diversity. In line with other business qualifications ranked by the FT, the methodology has been modified this year (2023) to reduce the overall weight given to salaries and to increase the importance of other factors, including new assessments of the value of alumni networks.

There are approximately 15,000 business schools around the world and the vast majority provide education in management.

The Master’s programme in International Strategic Management at LUSEM started in 2016. LUSEM was the second higher education institution in Sweden to enter the Financial Times' prestigious list of management programmes.

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