HR strategies for researchers – application for certification

Lund University strives to be an attractive employer for researchers at all stages of their career. As part of these efforts, we have submitted the application for the EU’s certification, HR Excellence in Research.

We hope that the University will be awarded HR Excellence in Research certification by the EU Commission in 2020.

What certification means 

HR Excellence in Research certification means that a higher education institution fulfils many of the stringent EU requirements for a responsible and professional employer, and that it has a commitment to continuous quality management.

Charter and Code – the EU’s principles and requirements for researchers 

Lund University has adopted the EU Commission’s principles and requirements for researchers – Charter and Code – which aims to:

  • improve conditions for research freedom
  • promote an open labour market for researchers 
  • promote access to, and the exchange of, knowledge.

As a researcher at Lund University, this means that you can be secure in the knowledge that the principles and requirements are complied with in the following areas:

  • ethical and professional responsibility
  • recruitment 
  • working conditions
  • training and development 

Application for certification

Lund University’s application for certification was submitted on 18 June 2020.

Action plan

Lund University has drawn up an action plan for the next two years. It outlines eight development areas and a number of concrete measures that the University will implement.

The participation of our researchers has been crucial in developing the action plan. Without them, we would never have been able to formulate the right measures, and it is their views on what does not currently work satisfactorily that forms the basis for the development areas we have chosen to focus on.

These areas include:

  • career development
  • transparent recruitment and onboarding processes
  • research ethics 
  • research communication

While awaiting the decision from the EU Commission, we are starting to secure sufficient resources for carrying out work on the action plan.

GAP analysis

The University has devoted a lot of time to compiling existing laws, rules, policy documents and relevant resources at university and national levels.

The compilation is in the GAP analysis, which can act as a type of reference book for researchers and support services.

Project blog

In our project blog, which is open to all, you can read more about how Lund University has worked on compiling the documentation for the application.

See the project blog HR Strategies for Researchers

Contact information

Gunilla Thylander, Project Manager
gunilla [dot] thylander [at] hr [dot] lu [dot] se

Anneli Wiklander
anneli [dot] wiklander [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

Åsa Thormählen
asa [dot] thormahlen [at] hr [dot] lu [dot] se


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