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Rules for computer networks

Local and international networks

Use of the computer networks is a privilege, not a right. This applies to both the local Lund University network and the international networks. Misuse of the networks may result in temporary or permanent exclusion from using the networks.

Computer network rules at Lund University

The following is not permitted:

  • Attempting to access network resources to which you do not have a right of access (that something is possible does not mean that it is appropriate or even allowed).
  • Attempting to conceal your user identity (except in cases where it is expressly permitted).
  • Attempting to disrupt or interrupt the intended use of the networks.
  • Clearly wasting available resources (network capacity, staff time, hardware, software) – for example by sending chain letters.
  • Attempting to damage or destroy computer-based information.
  • Encroaching on other users’ private lives.
  • Attempting to insult or demean other users.
  • Using the network for commercial purposes.
  • Using the network to download software, images, music, or other intellectual property (such as books or videos) unless you have the legal right to do so.

You must at all times follow Swedish laws and regulations while using the computer network at Lund University.

LDC webpage on security and rules (in Swedish)

Swedish university computer network rules

SUNET connects all the higher education institutions in Sweden. The board of SUNET has laid down ethical rules for connection to and use of SUNET.

The rules mean that you are responsible for keeping your password secret and for choosing sufficiently secure passwords.

  • You are responsible for the contents of your email account.
  • Remember that emails cannot be completely protected against unauthorised access; there is always a possibility that someone can read what you write.
  • Never send anything by email that you are not prepared to stand for in public.
  • You should be aware that network and system administrators have the power and the right to go into the systems and intercept traffic on the network, and that they may need to read information belonging to an individual.


Misuse of the networks may result in temporary or permanent exclusion from use of the networks.

Contact information LU Servicedesk

LU Servicedesk
Open Monday–Friday, 08:00–16:00
servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se

IT-related issues can be reported by email or through the self-service portal (there is no physical walk-in desk). 

In May 2024, you will also be able to get support via Zoom (instead of phone support).

More about Zoom support at

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