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Tuition fee refund policy

The following rules have been decided by Lund University and apply for refunding of tuition fees. All decisions regarding refunds are made by the Admissions Board.

Tuition fees paid to Lund University may be refunded in the situations and with the conditions stated below. On this page, you can also find information on how to apply for a tuition fee refund and the reimbursement conditions and process when a refund is granted. 

This policy applies for tuition fee payments related to studies starting in autumn 2024 or later. 

Grounds for a tuition fee refund

When a student is no longer required to pay tuition fees

  • A refund may be granted when a student notifies the University and shows evidence that they are no longer required to pay tuition fees. 
  • When a decision is made of the fee-exempt status, it applies to courses starting on or after the date of the decision.

When a student demonstrates special grounds

At Lund University, the following constitute special grounds that prevent the student from participating in the studies and when a refund may be considered:

  • The Swedish Migration Agency has decided to reject the student's application for a residence permit for studies. 
  • The Swedish Migration Agency’s decision to grant the student's residence permit application was not made in sufficient time for the student to arrive at the University in time to start or continue the programme or course. 
  • The University decides that the student does not satisfy the admission requirements in the admission decision and is not permitted to start the programme or course.
  • The University decides that the student does not meet the entry requirements for courses within the programme and that the student may therefore not continue the programme in the following semester.
  • The student has applied for and been granted a deferment of studies.
  • The student has applied for and been granted an approved leave of absence.
  • Lund University cancels the programme or course for which the student has paid the tuition fee. 
  • The student has been admitted to another higher education institution.

Other special grounds may exist and an individual assessment is made in each case when a student applies for a tuition fee refund.

The following are not considered as special grounds preventing participation in the programme or course that may lead to a refund of tuition fees:

  • The Higher Education Expulsions Board decides to expel the student from the programme or course. 
  • The University decides to suspend the student for disciplinary reasons. 
  • The University decides to withdraw the admission on the grounds that the student has presented false documents in the application for the programme.

Deductions from tuition fee refunds

A decision to refund the tuition fee means that the tuition fee is refunded with the following deductions:

  • Bank and payment card charges. 
  • A non-refundable part of the tuition fee of SEK 7 000*
  • The tuition fee for the courses the student has started (the student is registered for the course in the student record system Ladok). 

*This fee applies to the student’s first semester of studies. It does not apply if the student has been granted a deferment of studies or if the student will continue their studies at Lund University as fee-exempt or with other funding (such as a scholarship covering the tuition fees). 

Refund requests

  • A request for a refund should be made as soon as possible once the grounds for a refund are fulfilled.
  • A student who has not yet started their studies and who applies for a refund is also considered to have withdrawn from admission. This applies unless the student will start their studies with other funding or as fee exempt. 
  • Refund requests are made by sending an email to the Division of Finances at Lund University (email tuitionfees [at] eken [dot] lu [dot] se (tuitionfees[at]eken[dot]lu[dot]se)). They will provide you with a link to an online form, where you can make the refund application. 
  • A request for a refund is submitted in writing to the University Admissions Board along with the documents the applicant/student wishes to refer to. A certified copy of the student’s passport and their Notification of Selection Results are to be attached together with the documents requested in the application form. 

Refund decisions

  • A decision on refund is made by the Admissions Board. You will be notified by email once a decision has been made. 
  • Please note that the processing time for refund applications that arrive during the months around the start of studies (August/January) can take longer, up to several months. 
  • The decision to deny a refund request cannot be appealed. 

Reimbursement of funds

  • Refunds are made in the Swedish currency (SEK) based on the original amount received by Lund University. 
  • No interest will be added to the amount repaid and Lund University will not compensate any financial losses resulting from changes in exchange rates. 
  • Any refund will only be made to the same account the payment was originally made from. Consequently, we recommend that you choose a payment method that works even if a refund must be made.

Contact information

Lund University tuition fees

You find the tuition fee cost for each particular programme or course on the respective programme page.

List of degree programmes (click on a programme to view details)

For other questions regarding payment of Lund University tuition fees, contact the Tuition Fee Office at Lund University:  tuitionfees [at] eken [dot] lu [dot] se (tuitionfees[at]eken[dot]lu[dot]se).

Swedish Migration Agency

For questions concerning citizenship status and residence permit status, please contact the Swedish Migration Agency.

Contact details on the Swedish Migration Agency website