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Collaboration in Europe

Lund University collaborates and cooperates with top universities all over the world through international networks, programmes and platforms. Below we present some of our larger, university-wide collaborations within Europe.

League of European Research Universities (LERU)

LERU was founded in 2002 by some of Europe’s leading universities, including the universities of

  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • Helsinki and
  • Heidelberg.

LERU’s aims are to strengthen European research, education and innovation and to develop best practice through the mutual exchange of experiences. This is mainly done through lobbying towards the European Commission.

Membership of LERU is by invitation only. The criteria for membership include high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific research (so-called 'peer-recognised academic excellence') and comprehensiveness. That is to say that member universities need to be full scale and comprise several research disciplines. 

Lund University was elected in 2004.

LERU website

European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH)

The European Universities Initiative is an initiative introduced and largely funded by the EU that is to strengthen the strategic partnerships between European universities. 

EUGLOH is a part of the programme in which Lund University has collaborated with

  • Université Paris-Saclay (coordinator, France)
  • University of Szeged (Hungary)
  • University of Porto (Portugal) and
  • Ludwig-Maximilian Universität of Munich (LMU, Germany)

since 2019. Starting in January 2023, four more universities will join the alliance: 

  • University of Hamburg (Germany)
  • The Arctic University of Norway (UiT, Tromsö)
  • University of Alcalá (Spain)
  • University of Novi Sad (Serbia)

EUGLOH alliance website

About EUGLOH – Staff Pages

About the European Universities Initiative – European Commission website


Erasmus+ is the European Union's programme for collaboration in higher education. The programme offers opportunities for international exchange and strategic collaboration projects to increase the quality of education and learning.

More about Erasmus+

University-wide partnerships

Universität Hamburg

With more than 42 000 students, Universität Hamburg is one of Germany’s largest universities, combining versatile education with outstanding research. Universität Hamburg is comprised of eight faculties.

Universität Hamburg website

Universities and Swedish Institutes (USI)

USI is an interdisciplinary network that works for the internationalisation of Swedish education and research. Six Swedish universities and the Swedish institutes around the Mediterranean cooperate to be able to offer international research seminars and advanced courses with field studies in the Mediterranean region. 

USI website


Nordlys is a cross-disciplinary network within the Nordplus programme, with participation by 38 universities in the Nordic countries.

Nordlys is aimed at students and teaching staff who want to study or work in subjects in which their institution does not have agreements/networks with universities in the other Nordic countries.

Nordlys website

More about collaboration in Europe – Staff Pages

Contact information

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University-wide partnerships

Universität Hamburg:
Petra Moser-Nørgaard
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Hege Markussen
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Petra Moser-Nørgaard
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