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Benefits for employees

Sweden is often considered a country with high standards when it comes to working conditions. As an employee at Lund University, you are entitled to all of the benefits regulated in Swedish law and agreements, as well as benefits offered by Lund University reaching well beyond the Swedish standard.

Health and wellbeing

Doctor’s appointments and prescriptions

As an employee at Lund University, you can visit your doctor during working hours. In the event of medical treatment, you receive reimbursement of certain costs from the University. You may also receive reimbursements for prescription medication.

Health promotion benefits

Lund University offers health promotion benefits in the form of the opportunity to do physical activity during working hours – a maximum of 60 minutes per week (for full-time employees). You are also entitled to receive reimbursement of the cost of a gym membership/equivalent up to SEK 1 870 per year.

Annual leave and other leave of absence

Leave from work can be granted for many different reasons. Some types of leave are regulated by law, while others are regulated by local collective agreements.

Paid annual leave

Sweden has among the most generous regulations on annual leave in the world and offers five weeks of paid leave per year, four of which you are entitled to take as one long holiday (very unusual in other countries). At Lund University, we actually top this. We feel that employees have the right to rest after all the hard work they do here. The number of days of your annual leave depends on your age. In general, the following rules apply at Lund University (although there can be some exceptions):

  • 28 days’ annual leave until the year you turn 29.
  • 31 days’ annual leave as of the year you turn 30.
  • 35 days’ annual leave as of the year you turn 40.

As a new employee, you are entitled to annual leave already from your first year of employment.

Parental leave

In Sweden you are entitled to full parental leave until your child is eighteen months old. As a parent, you are also entitled to reduce your working hours by up to a quarter of normal working hours until the child has turned twelve.

You can receive parental benefit to stay at home to take care of your child. Parental benefit, which is paid for a total of 480 days per child, has three different compensation levels. One level is based on the level of your income, while the other two levels pay you a fixed amount per day. In addition to these Swedish rules, Lund University offers a so-called 'parental benefit supplement' which is paid out for a certain period of time. This means that you are entitled to keep a larger portion of your salary per month than the 80% that you are entitled to by Swedish law.

Read more about parental leave at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) website

Leave of absence to study

Under certain conditions, you have the right to take a leave of absence in order to study. In some cases, if the specific study programme is relevant to your work and/or within your organisation, you may even be able to partially or fully retain your salary during your study leave.

Other leave of absence

Other, shorter leave of absence situations are regulated through the collective agreement. As an employee at Lund University you are entitled to take leave in these situations without any salary deduction:

  • when moving house
  • doctor’s appointments
  • blood donation
  • acute dental problems
  • graduation and examinations

More than just work...

Lund University is more than just a workplace. We also offer experiences of nature and culture for all ages that our employees can enjoy in their leisure time.

Cultural and public centres at Lund University

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