Terms and conditions for Lund University alumni and events database


Who is it for?

The Alumni network

All those who have taken at least 30 credits at Lund University can become a member of the Lund University Alumni Network. We also welcome those who have worked at the University or who are otherwise interested in the activities of Lund University. If you join the alumni network, your details will be stored in the alumni database.


If you register for an event through the database, your details will be saved in order to enable us to send you relevant information ahead of the event and to follow up and evaluate it afterwards.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The aim of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to protect individuals from violation of their personal integrity when personal data is processed. An important aspect of integrity protection is informing the person concerned of how the data will be used. 

By giving your consent to our terms when registering for the Alumni Network, you are agreeing to collecting and further processing of your personal contact data for the purposes described here.

Principle of public access to official records

Lund University is a public authority and is therefore covered by the principle of public access to official records. In certain cases, we are therefore obliged to disclose information from our registers. Under GDPR, you have the right to find out what personal data we hold and how we process it. This data report is free of charge, on submission of a written application. You also have the right to request rectification of the personal data we hold.

How your details are used

Personal identification number

We require your Swedish personal identification number or your temporary personal identification number from LADOK in order to verify your identity. Details about you from your time at Lund University are taken from LADOK. Addresses in Sweden are updated automatically through SPAR, NAVET or the equivalent. Your personal identification number will only be visible to database administrators at Lund University.


Lund University uses the information in the database to send personal messages, newsletters, invitations to events etc. You always have the right unsubscribe from our various communications. If you do not wish to hear from us at all, please contact us on alumni [at] lu [dot] se. Alumni from the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) are also welcome to contact alumni [at] lu [dot] se

Notes of contact

Database administrators at Lund University can make notes based on the contact that Lund University has, or has had, with you, as well as your contact preferences. 

Statistical purposes

Lund University reserves the right to compile the registered information for statistical purposes. This information will be processed anonymously and it will not be possible to use to identify individuals.

Additional information

The information that you submit will be used to develop the contact between you and Lund University. Lund University may add information from public sources such as the population register or news articles to the information you submit. 

Other databases at Lund University

Information contained in the database can be exported to other databases or systems within the University (eg. for mailings or system migration), but will never be used for purposes other than those described here.

The rights of data subjects

Right to be informed

You have the right to be informed about the collection and use of your personal data. You can apply to find out what personal data we have about you and this is free of charge. The application must be made in writing and signed by you. 

If you would like to know what personal data we use in connection to your Alumni Network membership, please contact info [at] alumni [dot] lu [dot] se. If you have general questions about processing of your data at Lund University, please contact dataskyddsombud [at] lu [dot] se

Right to rectification

You have the right to request rectification, to correct inaccurate personal data or to have incomplete personal data completed. With regard to the regulations in the Archives Act we can not erase personal data if we do not have a legal ground in a regulation from the National Archives.

Right to cancel membership

Your membership in the Alumni Network can be cancelled at any time as per your request. You can cancel your membership by sending an email to alumni [at] lu [dot] se. Alumni from the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) are welcome to contact alumni [at] lth [dot] se

With regard to the regulations in the Archives Act we can not erase personal data of former students if we do not have a legal ground in a regulation from the National Archives. Questions about this matter can be sent to dataskyddsombud [at] lu [dot] se

How we protect your data

We ensure that we have appropriate data security agreements with our system suppliers.

We do not sell personal data to third parties.

Questions about personal data

Lund University is responsible for your personal data. If you have questions or comments about the processing of personal data at Lund University, please use the following contact details:
Email: dataskyddsombud [at] lu [dot] se 

Phone: +46 (0)46-222 00 00 

Postal address:
Lund University
Data Protection Office/Dataskyddsombud  
P.O. Box 188
SE-221 00 Lund

Learn more about how Lund University processes personal data 

If you have a complaint about how Lund University processes your personal data, you can contact the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Datainspektionen):

Visit datainspektionen.se if you have a complaint or a tip (in Swedish)

Contact information

Alumni Office
info [at] alumni [dot] lu [dot] se