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Read others' projects – and publish your own

Lund University's database of student projects – LUP Student Papers – allows you to search for essays, theses and degree projects published by students at Lund University. In most cases the documents are available for download.

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This page offers you help to get started or to make progress on your essay or degree project. You can also publish a completed degree project online, in LUP Student Papers.

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Before writing your own degree project, it may be helpful to read what others have written in the same field. In the LUP Student Papers database we have gathered a large proportion of the published degree projects completed at Lund University. In most cases, the material is available in full-text documents that can be downloaded.

Advanced search

Lund University Libraries have developed an advanced search function for LUP Student Papers with more possibilities to combine search terms and limit your search. The individual posts contain more information and there are more export options from the search results compared with the search function above.

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Publish an essay in LUP Student Papers

Would you like your work to be available online? Then you can publish your degree project in LUP Student Papers.

See the updated manual on how to publish in LUP Student Papers on the University Library's website

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The Academic Support Centre offers individual guidance and courses in study techniques and academic writing. The centre has language trainers with specific skills in English and Swedish as a second language.

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