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Study and work environment

As a student, you are equated with an employee in the Work Environment Act, albeit with a few exceptions. Here is a list of what a secure study and work environment should be like for you as a student at Lund University.

A good and secure study and work environment

A safe study and work environment at Lund University involves several aspects that are listed below.

  • Efforts are to be made to ensure that all students get sufficient scheduled time to get to know their fellow students and thereby gain a positive study atmosphere and increase their chances of good study results.
  • New students, both on degree programmes and stand-alone courses, are to get a scheduled introduction to student life and where to turn for questions concerning student welfare.
  • A satisfactory indoor climate (ventilation, lighting, acoustics).
  • There is to be access to a reasonable number of study places and group study rooms with appropriate furnishings and equipment.
  • There is to be access to common rooms allowing students to warm up food they have brought with them where this can be considered reasonable in relation to the number of lectures and required attendance in the study timetable.
  • Rest areas are to be accessible or easy to arrange.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of lavatories is to be planned so as to ensure good hygienic conditions at all times.
  • It is to be possible to store clothing so that it does not get dirty or damaged and so as to reduce the risk of theft.
  • It must be possible to store valuables that are compulsory for study work safely and securely.

If you are taking courses involving laboratory work

If you are taking courses involving laboratory work, the following also applies:

  • The right to medical check-ups in case of work with laboratory animals and certain chemicals, for example.
  • The right to the appropriate protective equipment to work safely, such as lab coats and protective goggles, free of charge.

The head of department is responsible for the study and work environment

The head of department or, in case of reallocation of duties, the division director or equivalent at the division, is responsible for the work environment.

The student health and safety representative has no responsibility for the work environment but is to monitor that the work environment functions smoothly and can request that measures be taken to address any shortcomings.

See how the student health and safety representatives can support you

At the Faculty of Engineering, LTH, the subject directors/programme managers are responsible for the students’ psychosocial work environment.

Contact information to the LTH coordination for equal opportunities –

Obligations of students and employees

Students and employees are to participate in work environment management and actively contribute to creating a good study and work environment by:

  • using caution and
  • following instructions and using the protection provided to prevent illness and accidents.

Bullying and other forms of victimisation are never to occur.

Rules and decisions at Lund University (a selection)

The University's regulations

National regulations