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Become an international mentor

Lund University welcomes over 3 500 international students every year. The International Mentor Programme aims to facilitate the students' adaptation to their new environment.

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Register as an international mentor!

Applications for the autumn semester are now closed. The application period for the spring semester of 2023 will open in October.

For questions, please contact the International Mentor Coordinator at fadderi [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se.

Why should I become a mentor?

As an international mentor you play an important role in helping international student settle into Lund’s student life and Swedish everyday life. Being a mentor gives you the chance to meet students from all over the world and get to know new friends. Being an international mentor is not only fun, but is also an experience that can be seen as a qualification when applying for jobs.

You need to be registered as a student at Lund University to become an international mentor.

Watch on YouTube: Students share why it's a great decision to become an international mentor

Your mentor group

You are never alone as a mentor. Mentors are organised into groups of 4–5 mentors and 20–30 new international students. Together with the other mentors in the group, you organise social activities for and with the new students.

Your mentorship lasts throughout the semester and it is important that the international students not only have contact with their mentors in the beginning of the semester, but throughout their whole stay. While many new students settle in after a few weeks, others may need more time.

However, the mentor groups’ presence and activities are most needed when the international students have just arrived. It is therefore preferable that all mentors can be present during the introduction weeks and the first weeks of the semester. Together with the other mentors in your group, you decide the schedule and activity level.

Examples of mentor group activities 

Mentor groups organise activities for new international students. It is highly recommended that each group organises a tour of Lund, preferably during the same week as Arrival Day, to help the international students settle in.

Below are some other examples of activities:

  • Excursions to the beach, the countryside, Malmö or Copenhagen 
  • Sporting events such as 'brännboll', 'kubb', football matches, hockey matches or bowling
  • Going to the theatre, 'spex' or a concert
  • Going to nations, attending 'sittnings' or parties and arranging picknicks, fika, (potluck) dinners and pub crawls.

The mentor group activities are subject to change depending on the current guidelines and recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten).

The mentor certificate

At the end of semester, international mentors who successfully completed the programme will receive an official mentor certificate from Lund University. In order to successfully complete the programme, a mentor has to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Sign the Code of Conduct.
  • Complete a mentor information session.
  • Send a welcome email to the mentor group.
  • Arrange a specific number of activities during the Orientation Weeks and during the semester.
  • Submit the brief report and the final report.

The official mentor certificate can be used when applying for exchange studies or a job. When applying for exchange studies, it is often seen as a merit to have been an international mentor.

Mentees' experiences

In the video below, international mentees share their experiences of the International Mentor Programme and the Orientation Weeks.

Watch on YouTube: Mentees' experiences of the International Mentor Programme

Arrival Day

Arrival Day is the official start of the Orientation Weeks for new international students at Lund University. As a mentor you can volunteer at one or two of several stations during Arrival Day. The different stations are:

  • Copenhagen airport host – greet new students, help them to buy a train ticket to Lund and guide them to the correct train platform.
  • Lund station host – greet new students and guide them to the minivan shuttle service provided on Arrival Day.
  • Minivan driver – drive one of the minivans in the shuttle service. Swedish or EU driver’s license required.
  • Minivan host – host one of the minivans in the shuttle service, read maps and give directions to the driver and use a smartphone with a walkie-talkie app to communicate with the bus coordinator.
  • Luggage room host – take care of new students’ luggage while they are visiting Arrival Day.
  • Check-in host – check-in new students, give them their welcome package and answer questions.
  • AD host – help new students to find their way in the Arrival Day venue.

You can choose to volunteer for one shift (08:00–15:00 or 15:00–21:00) or help us during the whole day (08:00–21:00). During the autumn semester, Lund University arranges two Arrival Days and you can choose to help during one or both of these days. All international mentors working during Arrival Day are served lunch, drinks and snacks, and are sent a thank you-gift after Arrival Day.

Mentors at the station on Arrival Day

Orientation Weeks mentor activities

During the first weeks of the international students’ stay in Sweden, we focus on introducing them to what it is like to be a student at Lund University. There are several activities taking place during the Orientation Weeks where we need the help of mentors:

  • Excursions – During the Orientation Weeks several bus tours are arranged to different parts of Skåne. As a mentor, you can host one of the buses on these tours. You will be responsible for keeping the time schedule and making sure the students have an enjoyable day. Our hope is that we will be able to arrange these excursions this autumn, but the excursions may change or be cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic.
  • Treasure Hunt – During the Treasure Hunt you and your mentor groups will compete against other groups by completing different challenges at Lund's student organisations. This is a perfect opportunity for your group members to get to know each other and to teach the new students about the rich Lund student life in Lund! The Treasure Hunt is only organised during Orientation weeks in August. The Treasure Hunt has temporarily been replaced by a virtual Mentor Group Challenge where the challenges are adjusted in accordance with the current Covid-19 guidelines and recommendations.
  • Sports Day – During the Sports Day you will once again compete with your mentor group. At this event your team will try different outdoor sports and games. Sports Day is only organised during the Orientation Weeks in August. We hope to be able to arrange Sports Day this autumn, but due to the pandemic this event may be subject to change.

Contact information

International mentor coordinator Victor Åstrand.

Questions about being a mentor?
Contact Victor Åstrand, International Mentor Coordinator at fadderi [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se

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+46 (0)46 222 0100

Visiting address:
Stora Algatan 4, Lund

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