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Careers fairs

The student unions and faculties at Lund University organise job fairs where you can meet with companies and talk about your future career options.

Students at a fair

Below is the list of links to the job fair websites where you can find more information. Some websites are only in Swedish, but many also have English information or a translation option.


FARAD, 24–25 January 2018
Engineering Physics, mathematics and nanotechnology

INKA, 24–25 January 2018
Industrial economists, LTH

KULA, 31 January 2018
Chemistry and biotechnology, LTH


BRANSCHDAGEN, 1 February 2018
Civil Engineering

MÄSSING13 February 2018
Engineering (at Campus Helsingborg)

TEKNIKFOKUS14 February 2018
Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, InfoCom, BME (Biomedical Engineering)

CORPUS LABORANS15 February 2018

MEKKA16 February 2018
Mechanical Engineering, LTH

EEE-dagarna21–22 February 2018
Economics and management

W-day, 22 February 2018
Environmental Engineering
Link to be published soon

AGORA, 28 February 2018
Service Management, Strategic Communication (at Campus Helsingborg)


SAMarbete, 7 March 2018
Social science

HTS Career Week, 13–17 March 2018
Humanities and Theology
Link to be published soon

PILA, 21 March 2018
Human Relations

Samday, 21 March 2018
Information Systems (IT)


JIA-MÄSSAN, (23-26) October 2017


ARKAD14-15 November 2018

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Contact information to the organisers can be found on the respective websites.