Special Area Studies

Scandinavian studies, European studies, global issues

SAS courses

Exchange students can apply for 'Special Area Study' (SAS) courses in subjects such as Swedish culture and society, European studies, regional courses and global issues of contemporary interest.

The SAS courses are regular academic courses, taught by several departments across Lund University. All the courses are worth 7.5 ECTS credits and include both exams and assignments.

As these courses do not usually require previous studies in the subject as an admission requirement, they are generally open to most students. This gives exchange students the opportunity to gain new knowledge in subjects that may be outside of your normal degree programme and the opportunity to pursue studies in Scandinavian/European topics that are of personal interest.

The SAS courses are very popular and accordingly admission is limited to places available.

Students admitted to an SAS course must attend the introductory lecture and may not withdraw from the course without informing the relevant department first.

How to apply

Once you have been nominated for an exchange to Lund University, you can apply for the SAS courses as part of your online application for exchange studies. For questions, contact the person who signed your Letter of Acceptance at Lund University.

Applying for exchange studies

SAS course information and catalogue

Additional courses are continuously added during spring, please check for updates.

SAS course schedules by semester

Contact information

To apply to SAS-courses, contact the person who signed your Letter of Acceptance at Lund University.