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Portfolio instructions – Master's in Industrial Design

Applicants to the Master's Programme in Industrial Design are required to submit a digital portfolio, including an application summary, statement of purpose and CV.

To be considered for admission, prepare the required documents and email the pdf file directly to Lund University following the instructions below. Do not send the file to University Admissions in Sweden.


Compile the following documents in one pdf file (maximum 10 MB):

  • A one page application summary - see layout guidlines (PDF 95 kB)
  • A one page statement of purpose - the statement of purpose should reflect your interest/preference towards one or more of the three foci: Form & Technology, Living & Behaviour and/or Man & Nature.
  • CV - make sure to include your contact information.
  • Portfolio - when group projects and/or professional work is presented, clearly indicate and reflect over your own contribution.

A hardcopy of the portfolio is not requested.

Digital portfolio requirements

Use the name format: last name_first name_application number

Your application number is the number generated by University Admissions upon application. If you re-submit an updated/altered version of your file, clearly indicate this in the file name by adding the date at the end of the file name and also the word updated (last name_first name_application number_ddmmyy_updated).

All the elements of your digital portfolio must be contained within a single pdf file (maximum 10 MB in size). Documents submitted in other formats and/or in separate files will not be considered.

Submission and deadline

Submit your portfolio by using our web form (link below). The deadline for supporting documents is 1 February 2019. The web form will close at 24:00 CET. No late submissions will be accepted.

Submission portfolio Master’s programme in Industrial Design, web form on the Faculty of Engineering website.

Your application number is the number generated at University Admissions (Sweden) for your application.