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What students say about the Master's in Industrial Design

Evelyn Fu, from China, alumni from the Master's in Industrial Design at Lund University, Sweden

Evelyn Fu from China

I came to Lund University because I wanted to develop and learn more about the Scandinavian design style. Sweden is very unique and that is what I was looking for, as I believe it will be helpful to have been here, for my career later on. Also, Lund University is ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world and so I am actually very confident that studying at this particular university will help me land a great job in the future. Another huge factor that I chose this programme is that the business sector is very incorporated into the education, like doing case studies with IKEA or visiting and working with NASA in the US. I have just finished a project myself where I (along with my group) created a strategy proposition for a company called Canaan Fairtrade in Palestine. I like that we do not just pretend and go through imaginary case studies, we actually work with the real industry and that is experience that will ultimately add to my portfolio.

Isabelle Olsson, Lead Designer, Google, USA

My time in Lund was fantastic; fun, stressful, challenging, and above all expectations, particularly in regards to how much I developed as a designer and as a person. The Industrial Design programme has meant so much for my career and really prepared me for the challenges I have faced so far.

Martina Zbinden from Switzerland

I chose Lund University because of its great reputation and because it will prepare me for my future. One of the classes for example that is taught at the Industrial Design Programme is the Design Management course. It is a very valuable course to me as a designer, because as creative people, we usually start with a good product idea - its appearance, its functionality and so on, but perhaps we do not immediately think and incorporate a strategy behind it, like pricing, how will the product be communicated to sell etc. So with this class I will have a bigger scope of real life industry and get bigger opportunities knowing the business end of things. We currently work with BRIO, the toy company, to put theories that we have learned into practice, and eventually we will be presenting our work to them. Our work will include things such as new business ideas, marketing and general strategy using the models we have learnt in class and perhaps they will actually use some of our ideas.