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Nationalistiska idéer i ett överstatligt EU : en fallstudie över hur Sverigedemokraterna kan följa sina nationalistiska idéer i ett Europaparlament


  • Jeanna Arstam

Summary, in English

This thesis aims to examine if the Swedish Democrats base their criticism against EU on their nationalistic ideas and if these can be pursued in the European Parliament. The theory describes nationalism as an ideology and the European Union as a integration project. By describing these two from different angles a clear opposition can be found. A critical idea analysis is used on the collected data that comes from interviews with politicians within the Swedish Democrats. The discussion is supported by the theory and is problematizing the reasoning from the informants concerning their nationalistic ideas in a relationship to an entry to the European parliament. A parliament that has other goals. The results interpret that the nationalistic ideas are the main reason for the Swedish Democrats’ criticism towards EU. They follow their nationalistic ideas in theory but at the same time they have made the choice to run for the European Parliament which means that they implicit will support a supranational level if they get mandate. Within the parliament it is seemed like the Swedish Democrats may drift further away from their nationalistic ideas as resources, influence and a wish to work against EU from the inside are more attractive.


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Document type

Student publication for Bachelor's degree


  • Social Sciences


  • europastudier
  • EU
  • Europaparlamentsval
  • Sverigedemokraterna
  • nationalism
  • överstatlighet
  • kritisk idéanalys


  • Anamaria Dutceac Segesten (Biträdande Lektor)