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Från buzzword till sanning?

From buzzword to truth?


  • Jeanna Lundberg
  • Julia Undin

Summary, in English

Title: From buzzword to truth?

Seminar date: 2014-06-05

Course: FEKH29, Bahelor Thesis in Business Administration, specialization in marketing,
Undergraduate level, 15ECTS

Authors: Jeanna Lundberg and Julia Undin

Advisor: Jon Bertilsson

Key words: buzzword, fad, the Swedish advertising business, content marketing, attachment

Purpose: Improving prior knowledge of how advertising agencies in Sweden handles and relate to buzzwords and fads. What factors influence whether a buzzword takes hold.

Methodology: This qualitative research paper is written with an abductive approach which culminates in a quote-driven analysis. To analyze the material we have used a hermeneutic method of analysis and the empirical data mainly consists of semi-structured interviews.

Theoretical perspectives: : We have designed our theoretical lens based on three main categories; "Elements", "Management and Approaches" and finally "Diffusion and imitation."

Empirical foundation: The empirical data consists of semi-structured interviews with people with different professional roles within the Swedish advertising business.

Conclusions: : There is a difference between buzzword as a concept and buzzword as a phenomenom. There is some skepticism about the use of buzzwords, however they are useful to increase sales. Factors affecting whether a buzzword takes hold include a common and unambiguous definition, how important the buzzword is for business and the general perception of the industry.

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Document type

Student publication for Bachelor's degree


  • Business and Economics


  • buzzword
  • fad
  • svenska reklambranschen
  • content marketing
  • fäste
  • the Swedish advertising business


  • Jon Bertilsson (The Way Brands Work: Consumers' understanding of the creation and usage of brands)