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¿Qué se prepara en la cocina literaria? La función de la comida en tres obras latinoamericanas


  • Melissa Ferreira Dos Santos

Summary, in English

This study has as its theme the role of food in literature and more specifically to investigate it in three works: the novel Like Water for Chocolate (1989) by Laura Esquivel, the short-story “Lección de cocina” (1971) by Rosario Castellanos and the short-story “El corazón de la alcachofa” (2003) by Elena Poniatowska.
With the support of previous studies on the subject, starting from Antiquity with
Homer’s Odyssey until today, and with the help of concepts such as François Rabelais’ carnivalesque literature and Maite Zubiaurre’s “kitchen tales” / “table narratives”, the three works are compared and analyzed with the purpose of confirming if food has the function of transmitting ideas or if it is only an element of the descriptive literature.
Our hypothesis that each of the works uses food to symbolize something different is confirmed. In Esquivel’s novel, food is used as a weapon of seduction, rebellion and revenge.
In Castellano’s short-story, it’s a representation of the couple and the changes they go through as married. In Poniatowska’s short-story, food represents the traditions and rules imposed by society. Thus, through symbolism, the authors manage to convey messages.

Publishing year




Document type

Student publication for Bachelor's degree


  • Languages and Literatures


  • la comida en la literatura
  • Como agua para chocolate
  • Laura Esquivel
  • “Lección de cocina”
  • Rosario Castellanos
  • “El corazón de la alcachofa”
  • Elena Poniatowska


  • Ingela Johansson