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From China to England : A comparison between Lao She's ErMa and contemporary travel writings by travellers to China and Europe

  • Evelina Bengtsson
Publishing year: 2015
Language: English
Document type: Student publication for Bachelor's degree


This essay is focusing on the Chinese author Lao She’s work ErMa, a novel that is about two Chinese who move to England in the beginning of the twentieth century. In the novel there are plenty of cultural differences and prejudices between the English and the Chinese. This essay will focus on these and compare them with real, non-fictitious travel writings written by travellers to China and Europe during the beginning of the twentieth century. This is done in order to determine if the majority of the prejudices in ErMa are only made up by Lao She’s imagination or if they are based on reality.


  • Languages and Literatures
  • Lao She
  • ErMa
  • travel writing


  • Michael Schoenhals