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„Panik erzeugt Trotz-Panik” : En komparativ diskursanalys av Fridays for Future i svensk och tysk media


  • Judit Olofsson

Summary, in English

This study is centred around Fridays for Future, a youth movement which has rippled across the world from its first sparks in the fall of 2018 to the spring of 2019, and has given rise to countless pieces about the movement in both traditional and social media. According to critical discourse theory, the discourses that we read in the media both affect us and how we see things, but the context in which it is created also affects the discourse itself. The aim of this study is to examine four newspapers, two Swedish and two German, using critical discourse analysis in order to see what differences there are between them and whether there are two specific national discourses about Fridays for Future or if there are transnational ideological discourses at hand. The methodological tools used in this study are based on the work of Fairclough, van Leeuwen and Denk.
The conclusions of this study are that there are, indeed, two separate national discourses about Fridays for Future and that the ideological similarities found are not sufficient for them to be a distinct discourse. In the Swedish discourse, there is a greater focus on Greta Thunberg than in the German discourse and the perspective is rather broad, mentioning the international movement and other countries a lot. In the German discourse on the other hand, the focus is mainly on the German part of the movement and it also mentions German politicians and Die Grünen.


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Student publication for Bachelor's degree


  • Social Sciences


  • Europastudier
  • diskurs
  • media
  • skolstrejk
  • politik
  • miljö
  • Tyskland
  • komparativ studie
  • Fridays for Future


  • Tomas Sniegon