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  • Gwendoline Nalvarte Nunez

Summary, in English

Through this research, I intend to investigate the fascinating domain of Ayahuasca
documentary films. This emerging subgenre showcases explorers and scientists reconnecting
with nature and spirituality, which I introduced to the reader through my explorative one-year
master's thesis, A Study of Ayahuasca Documentary Film (2020). Furthermore, in the present
study, I further my research by looking for representations of eco-trauma in three chosen case
studies: Shamans of the Amazon, Other Worlds, and Ayahuasca, part of the UNWell
docuseries on Netflix. The study analyses physical and psychological harm caused by
human- and nonhuman/nature-induced eco-traumas representations. The main finding of the
research is that the physical eco-traumas caused by humans are the major problem these films
represent. The study uses eco-criticism, globalisation, and world systems theory, shedding
light by Western filmmakers, scientists, and artists on indigenous communities' implicit and
explicit marginalisation, highlighting the need to confront personal and collective harm. The
methodology employs an explorative qualitative critical approach, as Rose Gillian pointed
out, emphasising the context in which words, images, and interpretations are utilised. This
research may provide valuable insights into the field by shedding light on an overlooked and
understudied area and suggesting further research to address the physical eco traumas
caused by humans.

Keywords: Ayahuasca documentary films, Eco-Trauma, Physical eco-traumas, Psychological
eco-traumas, Human-induced eco-traumas, Western filmmakers, World-System Theory,
Globalisation, Eco-Criticism, Indigenous Communities, Case Studies: Shamans of the
Amazon, Other Worlds, and Ayahuasca UN-Well docuseries Netflix


Publishing year




Document type

Student publication for Master's degree (two years)


  • Arts and Architecture
  • Cultural Sciences
  • History and Archaeology
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Languages and Literatures


  • Ayahuasca documentary films
  • Eco-Trauma
  • Physical eco-traumas
  • Psychological eco-traumas
  • Human-induced eco-traumas
  • Western filmmakers
  • World-System Theory
  • Globalisation
  • Eco-Criticism
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Case Studies: Shamans of the Amazon
  • Other Worlds
  • and Ayahuasca UN-Well docuseries Netflix


  • Lars Gustaf Andersson (Prof.)