Lund University students and staff to support health care system

Photo: Kennet Ruona
Photo: Kennet Ruona

Medical and nursing students will now be able to join the fight against the coronavirus. The Faculty of Medicine and Region Skåne have reached an agreement that means students can be employed at hospitals and health care facilities in the region. This will also apply to clinically active staff at the faculty.

Initially, the deal applies to medical and nursing students in the later stages of their programmes, but it could also apply to students studying other subjects, depending on how the situation evolves. The students can work part-time as long as it does not interfere with their studies. However, the university can also grant them breaks from their studies, with the guarantee that they can return to their respective programmes afterwards.

There are also researchers and teachers who combine their positions with clinical work. These individuals will be able to increase their working hours as needed, as soon as this has been formalized with representatives from the unions.

"We see this as an important contribution now that the health care system is and will be under strain from caring for COVID-19 patients. We are grateful for the positive and construcive response from health care professionals, the Medical Faculty, students and staff", says Ingemar Petersson, head of research at Skåne University Hospital and responsible for medical students at the hospital.

"It is important that we all do what we can given the very difficult situation we are in. We have highly competent, skilled and committed students and staff who want to, and can, contribute", says Erik Renström, Dean at the Medical Faculty.

"The students will gain experience from a health care situation that is like nothing we have experienced in modern times. This will be valuable experience they bring with them to their future workplaces".

Other initiatives at the university include deliveries of medical supplies to the hospital from the medical, science and engineering faculties.