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Nanotechnology for high-performance radar and 5G communication

Lars-Erik Wernersson
Lars-Erik Wernersson hopes the new research project INSIGHT will help meet the increasing performance demands at millimetre-wave frequencies

Improved radar image resolution and faster data transfer within 5G networks. These are some of the results that would be achieved by a new research project called INSIGHT, which is funded by the EU programme Horizon 2020 and coordinated by Lars-Erik Wernersson, Professor of Nanotechnology at Lund University in Sweden.

Once all gadgets in the future have become connected through the so-called “Internet of Things”, one of the main ways to increase resolution and speed is to use higher frequencies. The disadvantage, however, is that this will also increase energy consumption. INSIGHT stands for Integration of III-V Nanowire Semiconductors for Next Generation High Performance CMOS SOC Technologies and is about integrating so-called III-V semiconductors on a silicon platform – something that is to result in less energy and materials consumption once the technology is used in actual products.

“We are especially looking into analogue applications that use high frequencies, as this is where we believe it will have the most impact. By integrating materials it will be possible to lower the manufacturing cost within high-performance radar systems, as well as 5G”, says Lars-Erik Wernersson.

Today, high-performance III-V technology already exists, while silicon components are used for mass production. INSIGHT intends to combine the benefits of the two technologies. The technology is promising, and in December the group from Lund presented their key findings at the prestigious conference IEDM (International Electron Devices Meeting) in the United States.

This is a three-year project that has received EUR 4.3 million in EU funding. Behind the project are Lund University, University of Glasgow (UK), Tyndall National Institute (Ireland), IBM (Switzerland), Fraunhofer IAF (Germany) and LETI (France).

Learn more about the INSIGHT project and watch short video interview with Lars-Erik Wernersson below:

Learn more, contact
Lars-Erik Wernersson, Professor of Nanotechnology
Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University
Phone: +46 46 2229003
Email: lars-erik [dot] wernersson [at] eit [dot] lth [dot] se (lars-erik[dot]wernersson[at]eit[dot]lth[dot]se)

Read project's press release (PDF):