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What Behrooz says about the Master's in Architecture

Architecture alumnus

Behrooz from Iran


"After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture in my hometown Mashhad, Iran, I decided to pursue my academic goal by studying a Master’s programme in Architecture at Lund University.

As an international student, I had the privilege of connecting with other students from around the world, collaborating and experiencing different perspectives within the field. Midway through the programme, thanks to the connections I made through the School of Architecture with people working in the business, I decided which company I wanted to work for. I applied for a job and later got offered a position.

The programme helped me develop a new mindset and step out of my comfort zone. Along with the full support I received from the staff of the School, these are the top qualities of the programme that I found very beneficial.

The programme not only helped me further develop my knowledge in architecture but also taught me professional working ethics and the skills needed to work in a Swedish and, more generally, Nordic environment.

At the moment, I am working as an architect at Fojab Arkitekter in Malmö, Sweden. Here, I have the opportunity to work on architectural projects of different scales and types. It has been very rewarding to have the chance to explore different areas of architecture and find the field that is the most appealing to me. Now I am achieving my career ambitions working and designing together with experienced professionals in the field."