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What Xiangyu says about the Master's in Water Resources Engineering

Luan Xiangyu - student of the Master's programme in Water Resouces Engineering

Xiangyu Luan from China


Why did you choose to take your Master’s at Lund University?

"My studies in China gave me a really solid foundation, but during the third year of my Bachelor's programme, I realised that water is an international topic – water issues can’t be solved just within one specific region. That’s why I decided to go abroad for my Master’s degree. I was lucky to meet an alumnus of Uppsala University who recommended that I apply to Swedish universities as well the American ones I was applying to.

During the application process I realised that Lund University was the best fit for me. The Programme Director and the International Coordinators were so nice and gave me lots of information about the process and future career opportunities. I felt so welcomed by the staff here. Another important factor was that the programme here covers a broad range of topics. You don’t have to rush to pick your specialty, which I really liked. And Lund University has a really good reputation, which helped me make my decision."
How would you describe the learning environment?

"I’m really impressed by it. The professors are really kind and it’s OK to ask questions. Most Chinese students are quite shy, and at the start I was afraid of talking and asking questions in front of the class. However, I noticed that other students asked some fairly simple questions, or asked about things that had already been covered in previous lectures, and the professors were always happy to answer them. That made me realise that it was OK to ask questions.

Another difference is that there are lots of presentations and group work projects here. Doing presentations has helped me feel more confident speaking in front of people and has provided an opportunity to practise my English. Every time I work together with my classmates I learn so much from them as well – they are all so good."
What do you like most about living in Lund?

"I like living in small towns. I come from a small city in China and I did my Bachelor’s degree in a small town, so I really like the environment here. It’s a really multicultural city, and you can meet people from every corner of the world. It’s also very peaceful. I love it, but maybe not so much in the winter when there is so little daylight."
What’s your plan for the future?

"I hope to pursue a PhD here in Lund or perhaps at another university in Sweden or in another European country."
Do you have any advice for people thinking of studying the Water Resources Engineering programme at Lund University?

"It’s really important to know how many courses you are going to take for the semester, and what the professors’ expectations are. When you choose your courses, it’s important to consider what you want to do when you graduate. It’s OK to try something new, but keep in mind what you want to work with in the long term. Choose your elective courses according to your long-term plan."